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Norfolk terriers, like all terrier breeds were bred to hunt harmful animals and eliminate stables and farms in the English countryside. This instinct can happen anytime, so it is best to keep your Norfolk in an outdoor lease. While the prey instinct may not be as pronounced on this dog as other terriers, it is still a terrier. These dogs are very fast and fast, so they can escape quickly. Be terriers, who are prone to digging, however, are not as pronounced as with other terriers. If you provide some vigorous exercise for 30 minutes a day and then an additional set of playing for a couple of 15-minute sessions each day, your exercise needs are met. Meeting the exercise needs of the Norfolk Terrier will help reduce digging and barking entertainment. Despite the short stature of the dog, it is not likely to be a small dog “barker”. They bark to alert people and animals, but they are not too vocal. This makes a good apartment life, however, remember the exercise requirements!

A healthy breed, the Norfolk Terrier, lives 10-14 years, with records indicating that some live to 17 years! There are very few health problems with dogs. Despite being only about 10 inches tall and weighing approximately 12 pounds, they are very strong and active. This is not only a hunting dog, so be prepared to exercise the animal. The layer is a double layer, a thick, wavy, outer layer and a smooth and smooth inner layer. This is typical of many burrows. Because part of the charm of the Norfolk Terrier is the “shabby” look and because cutting the outer shell will eliminate the animal’s markings and coloration, they are not treated significantly like other terriers. Regular weekly brushing should help keep the Norfolk Terrier shedding under control. Many show dogs are stripped by hand to make coats a little more pleasurable. This is basically to comb the dog with a comb that will take longer hair and remove dead, hair spread.

Norfolk Terriers define the terms of great things in small packages! This little dog has a great personality. He loves people, children and other dogs. He also likes to play, so keep a lot of toys around! These dogs are very agile and enjoy learning, so they make good dogs agility course. They like to accompany human beings in all aspects of their lives. They are relatively easy to train, however, just like other terriers, they can become stubborn. For first time dog owners, the Norfolk Terrier is a consideration and could be a good choice, remembering that the dog will live longer than most! Norfolk Terriers is generally a happy and loving dog and ready to play at any time. What they like to be active and participate in rides and play, they will also join you on the couch and relax as long as it is with you.

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