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You just bought a new puppy from a breeder or maybe you took from a shelter or rescue group. The first thing to do is arrange to take the puppy to the vet for a wellness exam. Most breeders provide a number of days to complete the review of health and want to make sure you have a healthy puppy. This is especially true if you are using this puppy around other animals.

Your veterinarian will be able to ensure that it is free from the same period ticks and fleas do a fecal exam to make sure that your new family member is free of internal parasites. Treat internal parasites it is easy and it will be good to know if there is a worm problem so your other dogs is not propagated.

Of course, when you are with your veterinarian who inspected the eyes and ears of your dog to make sure everything it is clear.

I’m sure your vet does not mention if he was not sure and ask when to start giving their heartworm medications dog. Heartworms can be a very serious problem, but with a very simple monthly treatment you can avoid the pain and expense of wire later.

If you have made records that came with your puppy, be sure to leave a copy with your veterinarian. He will be able to recommend a vaccination program for your new dog and is very important to follow the recommendation and keep your dog healthy and safe.

This is the time to ask questions. Veterinarians are always willing to give good useful to meet this new dog to stay healthy information.

Mention that dog food is best for your dog is a common problem with new owners of puppies. Your veterinarian will have good information to guide you in the right direction.

Now that you know your puppy is healthy, it’s time to start looking for a dog trainer who can give you tips on everything to do with raising a puppy to be a safe adult family dog ​​good behavior.

Most coaches have a short lesson for puppies puppy to help with the problems and puppy socialization program. Later, when your dog is 4 months old coach will be able to help in formal obedience training that will give the dog you’ve always wanted.

Very often I hear people notice your puppy growled a stranger and thought it was so cute. In fact, it’s not cute at all and in the future will be dangerous as the puppy grows. The problem is that your puppy should be easy to use, since it is a baby should not growling at people.

This is something you see very often especially young single ladies who buy a dog for a sense of security when they go for a walk. Get a German shepherd or Rottweiler puppy at eight weeks old and do not care to make any obedience training and do things that are necessary to properly socialize during the socialization period before 20 weeks of age.

Then, somewhere around six months of age, they realize that the dog is doing something inappropriate growl and bark not only foreigners, but perhaps even friends who come to visit the house. Very bad things starts somewhere between 12 and 24 months of age, when the dog owner realizes that they have a fearful dog aggressive.

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