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Beginning the activity of cutting your dog’s nails is not an easy task to achieve. It takes a lot of patience and hard work. The nail-cut exercise begins with the establishment of the dog on the floor on its side. Wrap the strap around your jaw like an improvised muzzle. It becomes a very stressful process so the first thing you need to do is start with the desensitization process and touch your feet for a few minutes every day.

Attack legs touch toes, scan toes, nails Touch and hold foot. Do it regularly for about two weeks. After the desensitization process finishes, massage the puppy or a scratch in your favorite places. Once this was done and shaken, add cutters. She let him sniff the clippers and touching her legs and feet with them.

Then caress your nails using the lawn mower. You have to do about a week. After each session with a massage. Then start putting the dogs’ nails into the jaw of the mower. Keep the foot in such a way that it would be ready to cut the nail. Once the desensitization process is over, it is time for action. Clip a single nail first. The dog may growl, yell and behave unevenly. If he looks annoying, scratching his neck or in his favorite spot and he will calm down. Cut a nail each day. Read the rest of this entry »

We all love our pets so much. But nobody likes to scratch the furniture and floors. We do not want to tear holes in the upholstery or pillows. And the nails of the dog or cat very annoying hang clothing or hosiery, not to mention painful when accidentally zero. But all that aside, nail care is also essential for the comfort and health of our pets!

If you’ve made yourself, you know that nail trimming is terrifying, unpleasant, and can often be painful for your pet if it is cut to the quick of the nail. If you already have severed fingers or toes clean, too short, I had a small sample of what this pain is like – but cutting to the heart of your pet’s nails is more painful. And that is not run screaming in pain or under the bed, your dog or cat can not give you a great answer on how to do the work in progress.