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In searching for ways to improve immune function of animals should take into account both in terms of immune support and avoid things that could be dragging the immune system. Common sense tells us that a strong immune system is essential for good health and, conversely, good health plays an important role in supporting the immune system. Take a look at two factors that can get in the way of optimal immune function.
Let me start with what some believe is the most underestimated health of the immune system and mood of your pet and attitude. When your dog, cat, horse or other animal is happy in their immune function at a very high level. On the contrary, when they are depressed, the result is weakened immunity. Things such as being alone, the loss of a playmate, changes in the environment, changes in diet, and something as simple as a series of cloudy days can cause depression. The effect of depression is a reduction in the activity of natural killer cells to leave your pet vulnerable to illness during these periods. So maybe there really is some credibility to that old saying “A happy animal is a healthy animal.”

Another common cause of immune weakness pet is a nutritional deficiency. I know you’re reading this, probably thinking that you feed your pet, maybe a little too well perhaps, and this can not be a problem. But what’s in your food? Is responsible for expenses, food coloring or other additives that are harmful to your pets immune health? It is rich in sugar and low in protein, a combination unhealthy for pets. To avoid these innocent mistakes to make sure your pet is eating a balanced diet, high quality, responsible for thousands of raw and unprocessed. A good tip for dogs is to make sure they eat their vegetables. A recent study showed that the risk of bladder cancer was significantly reduced in dogs that eat vegetables three times a week.
Controls – Measures to strengthen the immune system of domestic animals
* Some plants such as echinacea and astragalus have been shown to be excellent tools to strengthen the immune system of domestic animals. Many herbs, including the previous two have antibacterial, antiviral and immunostimulatory. Both echinacea and astragalus have an advantage based on the general health of the immune system. Then encourage your pet’s mechanism of natural defense slightly different when used together, can be a powerful tool to significantly improve the immune function of animals.
* Exercise is another great way to improve the health of pets. Studies show that active animals tend to get sick less often and get well more quickly than their inactive. A good rule is to set aside a few minutes each day devoted exclusively to reading time. Not only a good way to boost the construction company of the immune system, but it could help relieve stress as well.

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