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Children should never be exposed to abuse when they try to correct their behavior. It is reasonable to expect a young person to think and behave exactly like a mature adult. Keep this difference in development in mind when making decisions from parents. As with dog training, positive and negative reinforcement both have the potential to shape a child’s behavior.

Prioritize positive reinforcement with sphincter control.

Some pet owners make a mess on the carpet by rubbing a dog’s nose at the problem site. This is certainly not an option with a child, but it is not the best course of action with animals. Given the frequent opportunities to do their business abroad, many puppies quickly learn what behavior wins awards and accolades. Children should also receive positive reinforcement to use the bathroom, and adults should not be careful to embarrass their children to bed wetting or other embarrassing mess.

A leash is not a substitute for discipline.

Uses Straps on children tend to get mixed responses from passers-by and friends. But they may be necessary. While many cities have laws requiring large races are maintained with a leash, there is such a law has been passed on unruly children. The fact is that some children (and animals) can not be trusted not to run into traffic. Even with a leash, some dog owners still do, barking and jumping at strangers. Similarly, some young leaves can continue to create problems within the parents’ six feet. No tools needed should be used as a substitute for good breeding or dog training.

Shock collars met.

Violence against children and animals is a crime that is rightly punished with serious penalties. However, there are some gray areas when it comes to public spanking and some dog training devices. Spanking was a basic disciplinary method for thousands of years, but adults should be aware that public spanking can be viewed as physical violence. Similarly, shock collars and strangling collars are controversial tools for dog training. Gravity and context are two important variables that are often difficult to evaluate, so it is best to use other methods whenever possible.

Be the leader [At least pretend].

Children and pets are attentive to the signs of the language of the social body and that adults sometimes do not realize. Both canines and children naturally compete for a position in the social hierarchy, and it is possible that the main presentation of a home is the resident who crawl on all fours. They even thought that the dog or the child can not work on a job that pays the bills, which may still be deciding when it is time to wake up or eat. Without understanding a cruel and unusual punishment, adults should remember that authority in the relationship. A strong and authoritative voice should be used for important commands and proper punishment should be used for misbehavior.

With dogs and children, communication and behavior change can be difficult. While respecting the fundamental rights of humans and animals, it is important to take into account different levels of mental ability. It should be possible to find ways to discourage inappropriate behavior without causing harm. Clickers are better than treats for dog training, but candy is socially more acceptable for use with children.

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