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It is a possibility that you could have treated a urinary tract infection once in your life. It can be a very painful and uncomfortable position to be able to. But at least you can respond by telling someone how you feel. But think about the same difficult situation on your furry bunny. If your dog has been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI), it would not be possible for him to express and he most likely feels unbearable pain. Before switching to remedies to cure this disease, it is important to understand the symptoms and causes of this disease.

Some of the symptoms of bacterial urinary tract infection include:

Frequent urination and pain
Blood in the urine
Back pain
Frequent urination

Urinary tract infection in dogs is caused due to:

Fungal or protozoal infections
Stones in the bladder
You die

When a dog is suffering from urinary tract infection, the bladder is inflated and often try to urinate. You could even get to urinate in places that are not appropriate at home instead of using the litter.

The main reason why dogs get urinary tract infection is by feeding dry commercial foods that produce alkaline urine. So you need to change dog food and give high quality canned foods, a home plan or a raw diet that is well-balanced to get rid of this disease.

Note: Antibiotics should never be given to animals while dealing with urinary tract infections, as they may have undesirable side effects. Instead, treat these natural remedies for UI relief in canines:

Juniper berries

It is an herb that increases the rate at which impurities filter kidneys which increases urine output. This can work very well when it comes to serious urinary tract infections.

Parsley leaf

It is a diuretic stimulant that helps get rid of waste. It is very nutritious and has antiseptic properties that help treat urinary tract infection in dogs.

Bear Grape Leaf

It is one of the most powerful natural astringents available. Veterinarians use them to fight against a wide range of microorganisms that frequently cause urinary tract infections. It can stop bleeding and attract the inflammation associated with these infections.

Marshmallow root

This is a business that works great when there is inflammation in the urinary tract. It excites the immune system and attacks the bacteria that cause the infection. It also calms the body and reduces irritation.

Cranberry or Blueberry

Bacteria are prevented from adhering to the wall of the urinary tract. It is also a great way to prevent perennial infections.

Food supplements and cooling supplements with vitamin B and antioxidants

Chill foods such as vegetables, yogurt and raw fruits are known to reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infection. While supplementation with vitamin B and antioxidants helps in times of stress.

Remember, urinary tract infections are very critical and it is always best to take your dog to the vet as soon as you see the symptoms mentioned above on your dog. This will provide adequate diagnosis and treatment. Regardless of which UI was caused due to fungi, parasites, bacteria or crystals, these natural remedies can help your dog overcome this condition.

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