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Beginning the activity of cutting your dog’s nails is not an easy task to achieve. It takes a lot of patience and hard work. The nail-cut exercise begins with the establishment of the dog on the floor on its side. Wrap the strap around your jaw like an improvised muzzle. It becomes a very stressful process so the first thing you need to do is start with the desensitization process and touch your feet for a few minutes every day.

Attack legs touch toes, scan toes, nails Touch and hold foot. Do it regularly for about two weeks. After the desensitization process finishes, massage the puppy or a scratch in your favorite places. Once this was done and shaken, add cutters. She let him sniff the clippers and touching her legs and feet with them.

Then caress your nails using the lawn mower. You have to do about a week. After each session with a massage. Then start putting the dogs’ nails into the jaw of the mower. Keep the foot in such a way that it would be ready to cut the nail. Once the desensitization process is over, it is time for action. Clip a single nail first. The dog may growl, yell and behave unevenly. If he looks annoying, scratching his neck or in his favorite spot and he will calm down. Cut a nail each day.

Slowly, it would be understood that you are not trying to hurt him. Now let’s look at some tips that would make your dog tolerate nails nail activity:

He will do it slowly

Never try to cut all the dogs’ nails at once. Take your time. Clip a nail for each day or you can cut your nails on alternate days. You have to remember that what could work for one dog will not work for another.

Let it be used for Clippers

It begins slowly by manipulating the feet and fingers of the dog and then getting used to the slicing machines, their decision and sounds slowly and gradually.

Behave yourself

Your anxiety will react if your puppy always tries to stay calm and composed. This will encourage your dog to follow his example. If you need to talk to the furry friend make a soft voice. A simple shhhh can sometimes do wonders to calm the dog.

Cut the dog’s nails by being in different positions

Try to find the most comfortable position in which your friend’s skin like nails is trimmed. It can be so:

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Keep your feet forward or rolled underneath. This will make you better understand the position that makes your dog feel comfortable while trimming your nails.

Engage in the positive rewards of nail-cutting activity

You can give treats and food for your dog. But sometimes a simple caress can go a long way in providing insurance for the skin pig. Touch it because it’s a great way to communicate with your street dog. Massaging your or scratch can go a long way to ensure the strengthening of your relationship with the puppy.

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