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Each owner experiences their pet suffering from worms at some point in life. Some infections can be managed, but when a healthy animal is something sinister within them, it means a problem. If the proper parasite elimination procedure is not performed, there can be terrible consequences, including:

Obstruction of blood flow in the heart
Inflammation of the arteries
Intestinal obstructions
In some more serious cases, even death

Some of the earliest clock signals for pets suffering from worms include:

Abnormal breathing
A bloated abdomen in puppies / kittens
A dull and brittle hair
Blood in the stool
Increased appetite
Poor growth

Let’s look at some of the threats pets may face if they regularly depargulate:

your mothers

It is a known fact that almost 90% of the puppies born are already infected with the Toxocara worm, as the larvae can pass through the mother to the puppies through the placenta. After birth, puppies and kittens tend to be infected with breast milk because Toxocara larvae can even be found in the breast ducts. Since the mother is an invariable source of infection, periodic deworming every two weeks until the weaning process is a necessity.


Toxocara eggs pass worm in the feces of infected animals and mature in an infectious phase in the environment. If these larvae are eaten infected, they can cause an infection in animals. Even contaminated grass, food and water can transmit the infection, making it a point to collect excrement. Mothers who breastfeed can become infected when they clean their litter and the endless cycle continues as the larvae move back into the milk.


They are admitted as active hunters at risk of infection as prey animals such as rabbits and rodents act as intermediaries for different types of marrow and tapeworm that can be deadly for pets.


Fleas are feeding on eggs and tapeworm larvae carry more common – Dipylidium caninum and if the animal accidentally crosses a chip while the caretaker, they will no doubt be infected. It is very important to give a preventive treatment against fleas and ticks, along with antiparasitic treatment for the best results.

food products

There are some tapeworms, such as Taenia species found in the cyst inside the temporary muscle tissue and if the meat is fed raw or undercooked, they can survive to infect cats and dogs.

I am a dog lover and I write things that most dog owners are referring to. In this article, I talked about the different threats that can occur if the parasite is not regularly made to the animal.

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