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If you own a dog, it is recommended to walk regularly. According to experts, there are many advantages that come with it. Here are some of these benefits:

Benefits of walking

Strengthening Bond: Since you are going to be alone with him, you have quality time together. Experts report that this time is important in forming a deep and trusting relationship with your dog. The time spent with him also plays a vital role in the development of behavior.

Weight control: Like humans, dogs have to gain a lot of weight when they lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you live in a four-legged apartment friend has little space for exercise; So you gain weight. During the walk, you burn calories thus doing weight loss. Read the rest of this entry »

What breed of dog you have, you need grooming tools. The recommendation of the experts is to maintain a habit of preparing your dog at an early age. And aesthetics will become a way to connect very well with your pet, and make it a part of your regular routine.

The brushes that are commonly used for cleaning dogs are:

Hair brushes

These are suitable for all breeds of dogs. For dogs that have long coats, opt for brushes that have longer and longer spaced bristles.

Wire brushes

It is best for dogs with longer hair, but not recommended for people with short hair. It is also suitable if the hair is curly or very thick.

Lip Brush Read the rest of this entry »

For those who have dogs, food is one of the greatest needs that must be well taken care of. Your skin friend has nutritional needs that must be met. Of course, you should find a balance between providing food and you love food that is good for him.

Today, you will feel overwhelmed by the many dog ​​food options on the market today. To help you determine the best options and understand the importance of good food, experts shared some tips for buying the right dog food.

A Simple Guide to Buying Dog Food

Developed by Nature – before the dogs were wild to feed mainly on live animals. That is, they consume animal bones and raw meat, organs, tissues and hair. They also consume plant material in small quantities. But nowadays, domestic dogs have evolved to be carnivorous, eating the ones corresponding to omnivores. Read the rest of this entry »

The puppy that brought home there about ten years, was a ball of hair to the gypsy arm. He jumped on the couch with abandon and never bothered a little the rough game. A decade later, he is no longer active or enthusiastic. You will remember the old Jones steps, you need a cane.

Aging affects animals like humans. They have the same aches and pains as the grandfather and the grandmother. As the elderly humans, they can see change and erratic behavior. As the owner of a pet, you can help your loved one cope with old age by understanding the expected changes in animal empathy with your behavior problems and doing what you can to help meet their rigors.

The expected changes in pets Read the rest of this entry »

Constipation in dogs is not limited to a specific age or size or breed. It can occur in any type of dog at any stage of life. In simple words when your dog is not able to easily pass from the body of feces, he suffers from constipation. The small amount of debris deposited can be dark and hard, or even after pushing hard or forcing, with no excrement seen.

When the animal is not able to defecate properly for up to three consecutive days, pet owners should not ignore this condition. Do not treat the problem of constipation in your dog can turn to bigger problems often lead to loss of appetite, weight loss and laziness.

They usually do not provide adequate nutrition or lack of fiber in their diet or not drinking enough water leads to this problem. There are many causes of constipation in dogs.

The most common reasons for dog constipation are as follows: Read the rest of this entry »