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All pet owners know that health care for your cat may be the most expensive part of owning a pet. vet bills are not cheap, and animals have a knack for doing things when you are sick can not afford. Fortunately, while the emergencies and accidents continue to occur, by investing in the health of your cat with a strong wellness program and proper diet and effective nutritional supplements can prevent one of the most destructive and harmful medical allergy in cats.
Allergies and cats, a destructive cycle
A large cat owners are familiar with the painful and disruptive effects of feline allergies. Chronic skin irritation or itching, sneezing, chronic cough and wheezing, watery eyes and nose, vomiting and chronic diarrhea and even self-mutilation are some of the symptoms of allergies in cats.
Like humans, an allergic reaction in cats occurs when the immune system begins to overreact to a substance or material apparently normal. Often, a cat may be allergic to a substance suddenly after being exposed without any problems for months or even years before.
Fleas and skin allergies
Flea allergies are one of the most common types of allergies in cats. In “normal” cats, fleas and flea bites can cause irritation and itching of minor importance, which often resolve quickly once the chips are removed. Cats with allergies to flea bites have a much stronger reaction with severe itching that causes hair loss and open sores, even a flea bite.
Typical signs of flea allergy in cats is the presence of fleas, the itching and sores and scabs on the skin. These wounds caused by itching and chewing, can lead to infection of the skin.
If you take your cat to the vet, usually are treated with anti-inflammatories (corticosteroids) and antibiotics for several weeks. Although this route to solve the immediate problem of skin infection, it does nothing for the underlying cause, fleas and allergies end of the conversation open to the future of allergy and refresher courses steroids and antibiotics are not healthy, which can contribute to a weakened immune system and thereby increase the frequency of allergies.
The other option is to use natural alternatives such as plants and soil-based probiotic anti-inflammatory. And when the two are very effective and non-toxic, rather than treat skin allergies and skin infections as a result of its appearance, can prevent severe allergic reactions to fleas in cats by removing the source of allergies (chips) and prevent your cat’s immune system overreacting.
Prevention requires proper supplementation to improve the quality of your cat’s immune system.
oil-based nutrients are common in the spectrum of natural health of man as fatty acid supplements are equally essential to feline health, especially in the case of skin problems and hair. Fat supplementation appropriate, according to one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science, krill oil and other essential lipids can help supplement your cats immune system, reduce the severity of allergic reactions to improve the status of your cat’s skin and reduce the healing time.
Food Allergies
Food allergies in cats are one of the most frustrating to treat allergies. Many times, a cat may develop a food sensitivity or allergy to one type of food despite food, even though your cat may have eaten food that even for many years without problems. Further complicating the diagnosis of food allergies are a lot of ingredients that are often today the majority of commercial cat food.
Cats often report food allergies in two different ways, chronic digestive problems (ie, vomiting and diarrhea occurring more than 3 times per week) and skin allergies such as itching, scratching and hair loss.
Cats can be allergic to any ingredient in their food. The most common cause of food allergies in cats is the nature of the grains, based on commercial cat food. It is the protein in grains that cause allergies, skin rashes, digestive problems and even problems with joint stiffness and arthritis.
Caring nature intended
Cats are carnivores by nature. Your systems need meat. To be healthy, cats need a diet that mimics the prey they eat in the wild, that is, the set. In nature, cats eat almost the entire contents of their captured prey. Its protein comes from most of the killings, most of its water comes directly from the water in the body to kill and eat only grain that is the one in the stomach of prey.
Unfortunately, commercial foods for cats are not as important in pure protein that a cat needs to survive, his replacement by a low level of grain and carbohydrates. meat products (parts of the unfit for human consumption of animals), rendered meat, plant materials and carbohydrates, are the staple foods and a lot of commercial cat food. They have very little nutritional benefit for the cats, and, indeed, cause a lot of their own health problems as a result.
The natural prey of cats is water for at least 65% and, historically, cats have evolved into the desert where they had to rely on their prey as the main source of water. Cats are not naturally drink lots of extra water, but by feeding dry food for cats with significant water content, are the cats to increase their water consumption, or become chronically dehydrated.
cat allergies food usually manifest in two ways: chronic digestive problems (such as chronic diarrhea and vomiting) and skin problems such as chronic itching, recurrent skin infections, fungal infections and ear infections. All these allergy symptoms are uncomfortable and dangerous to the health of your cat, and usually require repeated courses of steroids, antibiotics and other medicines. Unfortunately, continuing to eat the same food, the causal factor of food allergy that is almost indigestible and nutritionally “foreign” system allergies to cats continue to reproduce.
Instead of creating a revolving door of allergy symptoms, vet visits, medications and cost, allergy prevention through good nutrition and nutritional supplements is the most profitable and most importantly, the lot healthier for your cat.
Home commercially prepared raw diets that seek to mimic the natural diet of cats, wild prey, the elimination of external carbohydrate and grain are the causes of food allergies both. This alone will go a long way to restore your health. Note that the raw meat, poultry or fish is not enough by itself.
Besides feeding your cat a raw diet with a healthy diet, proper nutrition supplements ensures that all your cat, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids requirements are met and assimilated by the body.
Cats and asthma
All types of allergies in cats, asthma can be the most heartbreaking to see your cat to bear and in severe cases can even be fatal.
As in humans, asthma attacks in cats are caused by a respiratory allergy particles in the air. The immediate cause stimulates the lining of the throat and airways swell and secrete mucus, causing breathing difficulties, wheezing and coughing. In severe cases, difficulty breathing can cause respiratory failure, abdominal effort to breathe and swelling can become so severe that the airway is completely blocked, leading to death.
In general, the treatment of cats with chronic asthma is managed by a treatment with long-term corticosteroids to suppress the immune system and prevent inflammation of the airways. Unfortunately, drugs only mask the symptoms, atrophy of the long-term use of your cat’s immune response, of course. Many health problems are directly related to the prolonged use of steroids.
In addition to the costs of veterinary practices associated with the treatment of exacerbations of asthma and medications to treat chronic steroid use can cause health problems such as liver dysfunction and failure, including renal failure, chronic dehydration reduce the body’s ability to fight viruses, bacteria, cancer, infections and simple, even.
By treating the underlying cause of asthma in your cat, you can prevent the cycle of life through the steroids, persistent respiratory problems and serious health problems down the road.
Such as asthma, at its core, is an allergy caused by an immune system strengthened, every effort should be made to eliminate potential allergens in the environment of the cat. Change the food to your cat a raw diet of asthma can help remove allergens also the system of your cat, giving the immune system to react less irritating. On the other hand, demonstrating a careful balance of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, lipids (fats) and amino acid supplements to your cat, making sure that the body of your cat uses the full potential of raw foods.
In addition, the antioxidant power base soil probiotics, fatty acids, essential lipids and essential enzymes are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation naturally.
In addition, support and create a healthy immune system can cope with new health crises, while preventing the terrible overreaction of the immune system that cause asthma attacks.
Save money … Save your cat
Typically, allergies in cats are expensive to treat. Modern medicine has yet to give us a cure for allergies. Instead, veterinary medicine often offers little more than a “bandage” to treat your allergies to cats. Do not treat the real cause of a dysfunctional immune system naturally respond to domestic cats were fed and leads to repeated cycles of drugs that may do more harm than good.
In addressing the core of the health of your pet with adequate food, as nature intended, and to complement and support the immune system, can save years of allergies to cats, to create a healthy cat inside and save repeated treatments do not work and cause more problems than solutions.