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If you own a cat or a kitten thinks, you should understand that even for humans, cats are very prone to health conditions, some of which are common, while others are more serious. Immediate and effective treatment is essential for the welfare of your cat and understand common problems cat health symptoms and allow you to take your cat to a more responsible manner. The article below lists six common problems encountered by the cats today.
The cat hairballs
Because cats often groom, are prone to hairballs. These are produced when the cat swallows hair balls that fall from their bodies while being cleaned. This becomes a problem when going to the intestines and creates a blockage, which could result in the death of the cat.
Fleas and mites
If you allow your cat out often risks, be prepared mentally for the day when the contracts of fleas, including those that cause anemia or carry the tapeworm egg. Another common problem in cats mites that occur in their ears. When you see your cat scratching or shaking his head too, you probably have mites.
Roundworms and tapeworms infection are also two common problems cat health today. Roundworms often cause vomiting and diarrhea in cats tapeworms can cause skin irritation, especially around the anus. Regular deworming is essential for cats to keep away from these conditions.
Urinary Tract Infections
urinary tract infection cat is more common in men, but can affect cats too. It is a condition where the cats urinate in excess, either in quantity or frequency. urinary tract infection cat is also marked by an enlarged bladder and requires immediate attention.
Renal disease
cat kidney failure or kidney failure is also common in cats, which require immediate attention to prevent further problems, even death. increased thirst is a symptom of kidney failure in cats.
Lung or respiratory disease
Bronchitis, especially chronic in nature and asthma are two common diseases in cats. The cough is a common symptom of chronic respiratory diseases in cats and requires the attention of your veterinarian.
Although these are just a sample of a cat now common health problems, pet owners are advised to keep an eye on the above symptoms and consult a veterinarian if necessary.