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Most pet owners are not aware of the possibility of heartworm infection in dogs. This is one of the most deadly diseases that play havoc with the life of your furry friend. To protect against this terrible disease, it is important to treat them with Heartgard Plus. This preventive treatment is highly recommended by veterinarians worldwide. It helps control heart attack in dogs, which is a fatal disease.

The oral preventive comes in a flavor of meat that is formulated with two powerful ingredients – ivermectin and pyrantel. The first key ingredient pyrantel, which is an effective anthelmintic, eliminates intestinal parasites, including intestinal worms and hookworms directly attacking their nervous system. Another powerful ingredient is ivermectin, an antiparasitic broad spectrum attack focuses larvae stage worm heart tissue directly – immitus heartworm. This helps prevent infection and protect his classmate from the harmful effects.

Because of the tasty, Pets welcome and appreciate this chewable tablet without problems, to be given on a monthly basis on the same date of the previous dose. It is also important to understand that this preventive treatment should not be given to puppies less than a month and a half.

Before starting this treatment, it is essential to consult your veterinarian. He / she diagnose your dog by the presence of infection. If the report turns out to be positive, start your veterinarian to treat your pet with medication. Heartgard Plus is a drug that treats heartworm, since it is only a preventive medicine. The terrible infection is very dangerous, as it seriously affects the heart and lungs. If the condition is severe, your vet may consider more intensive treatment or a radical as surgery.

And if the report is negative, your veterinarian may recommend putting your dog in a preventive product for him / her to protect against future infestation.

After administration of this flavored tablet, make sure your dog does not swallow the tablet whole, but chew properly. Some dogs may not find comfortable chew tab. In such cases, the tablet can be broken into small pieces and make sure the animal is taking the full dose. Heartgard Plus is a monthly treatment to be carried out for a year. Make sure your pet does not need the dose for an entire year in all weather conditions.

If your dog is sick with some reason and needs to be any other drug, you should inform your vet about this medicine, you give your pet. This is to ensure that the other drug to be delivered does not conflict with this.

This preventive heartworm medicine was not well with certain breeds of dogs because of their side effects. Some breeds such as Collies are affected. During the first seven hours after giving the first chewing, you should keep an eye on your collie. If you notice symptoms such as tremor, fatigue, drooling or dilated pupils, take your pet to a veterinarian.

When a dog is infected with worms, become the transfer source of parasites to humans. Especially children are at greater risk of infection than adults and children generally love to be with the pet and play on floors, where the possibility of larval worms is greater. In addition, your immune power is not as strong as adults.

To prevent worms transmission to humans, in addition to harm your dog, your best option is to put your pet in the prevention Heartgard Plus. It helps control heartworm infection and protects your dog Teddy serious side effects.