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If you’re about to get your first pet lizard, congratulations. The lizards are, in my opinion, the most wonderful creatures, fascinating and beautiful in the world. Part of its attraction is its incredible diversity, more species of lizards that all mammals and amphibians, ranging from three inches to the hole strong Komodo dragon without legs and 200 pounds. Some are bronze with dark ocher, and other rivals of the most ostentatious of butterflies with the trademark bright green, red and yellow. Some glide on fragile wings, some through the water, and some can stick to ceilings. With my apologies to Samuel Johnson, I am of the opinion that “when a man is tired of lizards, who is tired of life”!
That said, here are ten valuable guidelines to help you and your lizard to a good start, and stay on a course of safe and happy. I speak a bit of experience, having kept lizards since 1961 and continue the expenditure of more than 30 years as a professional herpetologist. These tips are a starting point, but actually covers ten important points!

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