If you and your family are looking to adopt a new pet for your home, you probably start your local animal shelter. Some people may be a little surprised when it comes to housing and the adoption of animals has more steps than simply choosing the animal is good for you and take it home. Before you leave, make sure you know what to do and have before adopting!

Adopt a pet!

How to adopt a shelter animal

Talk to people in the shelter – Protected persons are those who spent the most time with each animal and to know their personalities. Before adopting the conversation with people who care for the animals and family life. Like the outdoors or are you more relaxed? Do you have small children or other pets in the house? These people can help guide animals best suited to the life of his family that makes the bonding process a breeze for her family and both the new pet!

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Everyone has their own views about whether to feed your cat food dry or wet food and many of us to choose the right balance for your offer so much. What are the advantages of one over the other?

Understanding the physiology of the cat

The first step in understanding what your cat needs his food is to understand a little about their physiology and how the body works. Many people think that cats and dogs are very similar in their diet, but are not – dogs are omnivores, which means they can digest both plant and animal proteins. On the other hand, cats are obligate carnivores, which means they have meat in your diet to get all the benefits of being healthy.

The other main component they need and called taurine is found only in muscle meat of animals, not in any kind of plant material.

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Its friendly furry feline is a beloved creature. There is evidence to suggest that cats became friends with humans for more than 5,300 years ago. If you are cat lovers, here are some interesting facts about cats that you might not know that you also give tips on how to care for them here.

Cats Ladies legs

It’s really not a good idea to declaw a cat. Despite eliminating the possibility of furniture and fabrics scratching your furry friend, cats have sweat glands in their legs they use to mark their territory. Also they sweat through his hair.

A cat’s claws are also used to hang lower surfaces to them so they can stretch. Stretching is very important for a cat. Joints and benefits your circulatory system, so that when they want to take action is lubricated, have the energy you need to do.

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The Siamese is one of the most recognizable breeds of domestic cat in the world with its elegant pointed coat and bright blue eyes. These cats were imported from his native Thailand for hundreds of years and now come in a multitude of different colors. But what it feels like to live with a Siamese?


In their countries of origin, Siam, now known as Thailand, references to these cats back to ancient times, where the manuscripts describe their distinctive appearance. They were taken first to the West when they were presented at the cat show at Crystal Palace in London in the late 19th century It soon became fashionable among lovers of the British cats and by the turn of the century, his call had crossed the Atlantic . President Rutherford B Hayes (1877-1881) and his wife Lucy received a pair of Siamese sent in 1878 by the American diplomacy station at the Consulate of Thailand, the letter accompanying them are still on display at the Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio.

The original color of the sealing point, dark brown-black, was at first the only color you see on the show, but the bank blue, chocolate and lilac cats were stressed rapidly developed and accepted for show . Today, the list of points of colors and patterns is very broad, including points of tabby and smoke.

The Siamese is recognized by all records of cats around the world and some also recognizes Thailand, the local breed of Thailand. These cats are called Wichienmaat in their mother tongue and is also known as Siamese old style, because they have a more moderate new Siamese body type.

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There may be many reasons why your cat decides not to use his litter and depositing urine on the carpet in place. It can vary from being sick, sand for being too dirty or due to behavioral problems, such as stress to changes in the house. It may even be that if the garbage is not feeling well, the carpet seems to be a better option. If the worst happens, how can you get rid of the smell and persuade the cat to not do it again?

Finding the cause

It is important to understand why the cat chose the carpet instead of her litter your urine. A trip to the veterinarian may be to have a general check and make sure there are no physiological reasons for slippage. Take inventory of the house and see if something might have triggered the behavior – is there a new baby or other animal in the house? You have moved or undergone a significant change in ownership that could leave feeling stressed and unsure?

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One of the biggest misconceptions about getting a kitten is going to happen in her new home well versed in the art of using the litter because his mother has taught. Mother cats teach their kittens to use the litter box, but can learn through copy or find out.


Kittens begin to desire zero material such as sand or soil about four weeks old – this is the beginning of learning how to cover his own mess. This instinct of association and the bathroom with trash process should start as soon as you bring the new cat home.

First, you can buy the box to the size of the cat probably not the size, that is, buying a large tray, even for a little kitten will become. The only provision is that a bottom that allows the kitten to access. Look for trash somewhere that is away from the high traffic areas of the house and sounds, but it is a convenient location. Some of privacy is not bad, but not so that it takes forever to remember where the box. If you decide later, you must move the cash to do it in stages so that the kitten can monitor progress.

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Cats eyes may be subject to a number of different types of infection and can be very serious if left untreated, even to blindness. So how do you identify if your cat has an eye infection and treatment is necessary to remedy this?

visual inspections

One of the best times to inspect your cat’s eyes in the toilet – are relaxed and happy, and is more likely to allow you to inspect. Get the cat in a lighted area and look into the eyes, which should be clear and bright with the area around the eyeball is clean and white. Students must also be of equal size. You can also ride on the eyelid gently if they allow you to see and inside the eyelid – it should be pink but not red or white color.

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Both panting and drooling in cats can be a very normal thing, but when it happens well, this may be a sign of a larger problem. Cats often purr when drool or when they see the food while panting is common when it was not very friendly. So how do you know when it is more than a normal behavior?


One of the most common reasons that cats drool too is having problems with your mouth or teeth. Tartar buildup can rub on the inside of the cat’s mouth and the hydrant and this can be checked by pulling the lip to ear. If the teeth are brown or concrete look or gums are red, swollen or bleeding, then this is a sign of a problem and a visit to a veterinarian is required.

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In real life, you certainly can not laugh if you see your cat obviously something choking. Often you will face between a desire immediately to a Heimlich maneuver and just thwacking the cat on the back. Ideally, this is a bad idea and could also be counterproductive due to the fact that the cat back not withstand the pressure and the backs of men.

Well, experts say their regurgitate hairballs your cat should not use too; unless, bullets will continue to receive more and larger if stained with blood, or if your cat will suffer a couple of times hairballs in a week. You should note that it is very important for cats who take these indigestible items in your system. But if hairballs are stained with blood and become gaggling rare for them is a good idea for you to take your cat to your veterinarian. Ask your pet to be checked by the expert, as this situation might actually be more complicated than it seems.

Hairballs cat danger

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Crushed with long hair and pretty face delicious layer Persian is perhaps one of the most recognizable breeds of domestic cat in the world. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular among cat lovers and remains high on the list both in the US and the United Kingdom. But Persian is actually a breed of cat with a number of breeds that were developed from it, as well as different types of the main Persian breed itself. Here is a summary of the many faces of Persian cats.

Traditional and modern Persian
Also known as the doll face, classic or ancient Persians, tradition is one of the two main types of Persian cat found throughout the world. These cats are known for their less extreme characteristics that have been selectively bred in modern Persian cat and have less of a look flattened nose. It is also believed to be more like the cats that entered Europe from ancient Persia, now Iran in 1500.

Modern Persian, also known as peke-face is perhaps the most immediately recognized Persian, with its short snout and round face crushed. The look of modern Persia was the result of years of selective breeding to emphasize these features and others in cats, but has also highlighted a number of health problems. They were first seen in the 1950s, when spontaneous mutation among a group of red and red tabby Persians leads to a flatter profile and was named Peke face due to the similarity pug dog breed.

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